The mission of the Johnstone Educational Foundation is to support the educational future of insurance industry leaders through providing scholarship funds to deserving students on a non-discriminatory basis who are interested in pursuing a college level course of study in the field of business administration and insurance.


In 1984 the membership of AIPAGIA established the AIPAGIA Educational Foundation as a 501 (c)(3) public tax-exempt charitable organization, independent of AIPAGIA, for the purpose of providing financial support to college students who are pursuing an education and career in the field of business administration and insurance.

In 1990, AIPAGIA and the insurance industry suffered the loss of a great friend and supporter with the untimely passing of then AIPAGIA Executive Director, Jack Johnstone. As a means of memorializing Jack’s contributions to the industry the AIPAGIA Educational Foundation Board of Directors changed the name of the Foundation to The Jack B. Johnstone Educational Foundation.

In 2001, Bill Johnstone, who had proceeded his brother, Jack, as Executive Director for AIPAGIA, retired. As an acknowledgement of Bill’s contributions and hard work on AIPAGIA’s behalf, The Jack B. Johnstone Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors once again renamed the Foundation to the Johnstone Educational Foundation.

Although the Foundation has gone through several name changes, it has remained unwavering in its commitment to the betterment of the insurance industry.


My name is Zack Middleton. I am a junior from the area of Winston-Salem, NC, attending Appalchian State University. My studies consist of a double major in Risk Management and Insurance as well as Finance and Banking. I will be a WSIA intern for the upcoming summer, with placements at Nautilus in Scottsdale, AZ and Founders Professional in St. Petersburg, FL. In addition, I will be completing a two-week study abroad trip in Asia before the start of my internship, with stops in Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand. After graduation, I intend to pursue a career in insurance while supplementing my time with entrepreneurial ventures, as I have been sourcing prototypes from Asia alongside engineers for the past three years regarding a product idea.

I look forward to making use of the talents that I have refined at Applachian State University, thanks to the support of educational scholarships such as the Johnstone Educational Foundation, to brighten the path of success for the next generation of leaders. 

Zack Middleton
Risk Management and Insurance / Finance and Banking
Appalachian State University

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AIPAGIA members' generosity make this scholarship possible to help well-deserving and hard-working students with their educational goals. Thank you so much, Donors, for your continued support of JEF!!