The mission of the Johnstone Educational Foundation is to support the educational future of insurance industry leaders through providing scholarship funds to deserving students on a non-discriminatory basis who are interested in pursuing a college level course of study in the field of business administration and insurance.


In 1984 the membership of AIPAGIA established the AIPAGIA Educational Foundation as a 501 (c)(3) public tax-exempt charitable organization, independent of AIPAGIA, for the purpose of providing financial support to college students who are pursuing an education and career in the field of business administration and insurance.

In 1990, AIPAGIA and the insurance industry suffered the loss of a great friend and supporter with the untimely passing of then AIPAGIA Executive Director, Jack Johnstone. As a means of memorializing Jack’s contributions to the industry the AIPAGIA Educational Foundation Board of Directors changed the name of the Foundation to The Jack B. Johnstone Educational Foundation.

In 2001, Bill Johnstone, who had proceeded his brother, Jack, as Executive Director for AIPAGIA, retired. As an acknowledgement of Bill’s contributions and hard work on AIPAGIA’s behalf, The Jack B. Johnstone Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors once again renamed the Foundation to the Johnstone Educational Foundation.

Although the Foundation has gone through several name changes, it has remained unwavering in its commitment to the betterment of the insurance industry.


Laura's Thank You Video

My name is Laura Henao Botero. I am a senior at Illinois State University, double majoring in International Business and Risk Management & Insurance. During my college career, I have been involved in multiple student organizations. However, as a senior, I am focusing on Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity, and Gamma Iota Sigma, the insurance fraternity, where I have leadership positions in both organizations. In Delta Sigma Pi, I am the IBFC chair, which serves as the bridge between fraternities and works to build a strong relationship between business fraternities on campus. In Gamma Iota Sigma, I am the diversity, equity, and Inclusion chair. I am extremely passionate about this topic, and my goal is to have events and discussions about the importance of acceptance and belonging. After graduation, I am very excited to start my professional career at Markel in the underwriting trainee program, focusing on primary casualty.

I am extremely grateful to have been recognized with the JEF scholarship award. I appreciate all the hard work you make to provide financial support to students. This financial aid will go towards my student loans and it will allow me to achieve all my professional goals.

Thanks again. I appreciate your support.

Laura Henao Botero
Risk Management & Insurance/International Business
Illinois State University


Anne's Thank You Video

My name is Anne Bowen and I am a student at Indiana State University double majoring in Insurance and Risk Management as well as Financial Services with a minor in Human Capital Management.

I am honored to be selected as one of the recipients of the 2022 Johnstone Foundation Scholarship Selection and I want to take the time today to extend my sincerest gratitude for your support and remarkable generosity! I am truly blown away by the support that the Johnstone Educational Foundation provides to insurance students and I cannot begin to express my unwavering gratitude for being named as a student scholar.

I so appreciate the diligent effort each of you have put forth to ensure that students are given such rewarding experiences. Receiving this scholarship will undoubtedly help me meet my academic goals and I am excited to continue my interest, research, and industry experience.

Being selected as a scholarship recipient through the 2022 Scholarship Program is an incredible honor and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to further my insurance education and professional career as a proud recipient. It is my goal to continue to my passion in the insurance industry and one day be able to make a difference as a professional by serving the industry on advisory boards, committees, and giving back to insurance students firsthand.

Thank you again for all that you do for students across the country, it is inspiring! Looking forward to keeping in touch and furthering this relationship, take care!

Anne Bowen
Insurance and Risk Management Major
Scott College of Business Indiana State University, Honors College

Abby's Thank You Video

I would like to thank you for your immense support of my academic career at Florida State University and my future career in the insurance industry. I am writing to express my gratitude for making the Johnstone Educational Foundation possible and providing the opportunity to support students pursuing Risk Management and Insurance. I am so incredibly honored to have been selected for such a prestigious award. It means a great deal to me that you made a special accommodation and honoring me with a separate scholarship relative to the Johnstone Educational Foundation. This special award and accommodation mean so much to me, not only academically but professionally. I am so honored to be selected from such a competitive candidate pool and thrilled for the opportunity to network and meet industry professionals through this scholarship.

As I continue at Florida State for my senior year this fall, I am so thankful for this award and the financial relief it provides. With your financial support, I will be able to greater focus more on my academics and relieve a great deal of my financial burden from my education. I am so appreciative of this scholarship as it provides not only financial support for my education, but also allows me to meet a strong network of industry professionals as well. With the continued support and encouragement received from AIPAGIA, I am so determined and driven to take as many opportunities to learn and experience as much as I can throughout this industry. It is with your support that I am so passionate about my education and future career within the industry.

Thank you again for your immensely generous gift to my education and future career. I am so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity.

Abby Daunt
Insurance and Risk Management Major
Florida State University

With the Fundraising Events this past year being successful, AIPAGIA members' generosity made it possible to help two other well-deserving and hard-working students with their educational goals. Thank you so much, Donors, for your continued support of JEF!!